I’m the author of novel, Song of the Crow, 2006 Unbridled Books. It’s the story of the flood of Noah told from the perspective of a crow. In addition, my short stories have been published in the ‘Northwest Review’, ‘Other Voices’, ‘Mississippi Review”, and others. In November of this year, I’ll be coming out with a novel with Chatwin books, Man of the World, based on the first flight across the sea, from Calais France to Dover England, in 1909, La Belle Epoque, France.

This spring, the opening chapter of a work in progress, Beer Nite, appeared in the quarterly, ‘The Literary Review.’

Having worked as a carpenter in the construction industry for well over two decades, I wanted to combine my love of books into teaching. When I thought I’d end up teaching books and language arts, instead I find myself teaching from my work experience. I’m a shop teacher, and I love it, and I’m grateful for every day I get to teach and interact with students. Very very grateful.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Layne I am Curating Crow/Raven events thru http://www.arteast.org in Issaquah mid-May thru mid July, 2014. Would love to have you speak. Have some funds. Please call or e-mail.
    Love SONG OF THE CROW, especially the confrontation between Raven and Crow.

  2. Layne, I just happened on your blog today. I am an author and zoologist and picked up Song of the Crow a few years ago. It remains one of my favorite books! I hope you will have more posts–and perhaps another book??

    Geraldine Ann Marshall (Gutfreund)

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